Sensor TS5-M with Hyperthermy-Catheter

Sensor TS5-M with Hyperthermy-Catheter

For many years Optocon has supplied high-quality temperature systems for a wide range of medical and science research/laboratory applications. The TS5-M sensor is a tried and tested fiber, providing high quality, accurate readings, with minimum calibration requirements. An application where this particular sensor is frequently used is Hyperthermy Catheter. Read on for more information.

The use of the TS5-M in Hyperthermy Catheter applications is supported due to several specific features:

  • Smallest diameter of 0.55mm for reaching the normally inaccessible areas
  • Selectable length of sensor-tip, up to 550mm and Sensor-cable length up to 20m
  • High measuring speed of up to 40,0 K/s with high accuracy up to 0.2K

Applications for the TS5-M to date have included:

  • Medical researchers (#NMR-Spectrocopy)
  • Monitoring of body temperatures
  • Catheter instrumentation

Optocon has direct experience in the use of sensors for a wide variety of medical and scientific applications. If you require support or further information on the use of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

<Not certified for use in Human body applications>

Graphic: Establishing fiber in Catheter application

Use of TS5-M sensor in Catheter application

Image: TS5-M fiber optic











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