FOTEMP ASSISTANT 2 with new features and Add-Ins

FOTEMP ASSISTANT 2 with new features and Add-Ins

Out now … the new release 2.3 of our monitoring software FOTEMP ASSISTANT 2.

The new release of the FOTEMP ASSISTANT 2 software, offers existing users the opportunity to add (free of charge!) additional functionality and features to their monitoring devices.

The recent update to version 2.3 has provided customers with the following additional features.


Using your existing device, the FOTEMP SPECTRUM update allows developers and engineers to design and configure their sensors for use with existing Optocon devices. Would you like to utilize a Gallium Phosphate pressure sensor? No problem, connect and monitor using your existing device. Additionally, the 800 – 1,100 nm range enables the user to determine the condition of the sensor to ensure that it is functioning correctly.


Calibration of any measuring device is a crucial part of ensuring the integrity of any monitoring project. FOTEMP ASSISTANT 2 has the added functionality of a new ‘simple to use’ calibration interface that enables users to recalibrate the product*. In addition, the software allows users to restore previous or preset calibration files directly to the device.

* The results of recalibration cannot be guaranteed by Weidmann Technologies.

In addition to the Add-Ins above, the following updates are also delivered in version 2.3

New Modbus Interface (formally only ASCII)

Ability to configure individual channels (relays, alarms…etc.)

For more information and to download the new software release CLICK HERE

Do you require support relating to FOTEMP ASSISTANT or have a suggestion regarding future updates? CLICK HERE

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